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As an exception I feel like writing in English. I could actually say, that I am simply lazy to translate the recipes (; 
I have two marvellous sandwiches for you now. I found these on Pinterest too, and got very excited, because I always loved sandwich. I never thought one could make them without a sandwich maker just in a pan so easily. I considered before to buy one, but now I see there is actually no need for this and there is no place in my kitchen anyway.
The french onion soup sandwich is really simple and cheap but the more delicious. I don't say it is a fast dinner option, but if you prepare the onion the day before it won't take too much time. I maybe put too much butter on the sandwiches, it is better to use less, the sandwich is lighter then. A nice chilled white wine is definitely a good choice as a drink. You need the wine to cook the onion anyway (;

The other sandwich is a greener one. I love spinach in every way, and since we had some in the garden I thought this would be great way to use it. Fresh, organic - perfect! (:

I thought these would be too high, but the cheese just nicely sticks the bread slices together. 

I very much like the idea of these pan-sandwiches and might try them with different fillings. There is an endless variety for the filling and also a good choice if you have guests but don't want to serve a full dinner.

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